Special Class

Yoga Fundamentals: Deepen your Practice
with Alena Charow
Tuesdays, 8:30 - 10:00 AM
August 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2017

Cost: $15 drop-in or $70 for the 5-week series (guarantees your spot in class)

Join Alena Charow for a 5-week series of mini-workshops in August!

Each session will feature a different topic for ways of creating more depth and meaning to your practice of yoga! From Asanas and Alignment to Pranayama and the Prevention of Injury. Select the topics you are most drawn to or attend the entire series to gain the most benefit and save money.


Week 1 -- August 1, 2017
Art of Vinyasa: Breath and Movement

When saying the word “vinyasa” many people would think of the contemporary style of yoga, an eclectic gentle to rigorous paced yoga class where people flow from one pose to the next. But like many Sanskrit words, vinyasa is a word that has many meanings. The roots of the word, however, vi and nyasa, when combined mean to “place in a special way”. Using breath and awareness, that is basically what we are doing in yoga.

This unique class teaches vinyasa as a system of breath synchronised movement. Vinyasa is the technique we use that directly connects our subtle breath to our physical body. During this class participants will learn the benefits and importance of vinyasa. Participants will be guided in breaking down the elements of breath and movement to find their own unique connection and correlations between breath and movement in the yoga practice. This class will include focus on breathing, gentle movements and key postures to allow the participants to experience yoga as a moving meditation.

Suitable for all levels of practice.

Week 2 -- August 8, 2017
Asana Fundamentals and Foundations

Asana, or “posture”, is the third aspect of the sage Patanjali’s eight part yoga system. In the contemporary yoga world it has prevailed as the most popular aspect of ancient yoga techniques. In this class we will approach a series of fundamental asanas, moving from the bottom up along meridian lines of the body. We will focus on understanding how the body works holistically within each posture from an anatomical perspective. This class is designed to help bring depth and awareness to a preexisting practice as well as help to build the strong foundations of a new practice. In this class participants will learn to bring a new degree of safety and understanding to their yoga practices.

Class is suitable for all levels of practice.

Week 3 -- August 15, 2017
Pranayama and Hatha Yoga

Pranayama, or “breath control”, is the fourth aspect of the sage Patanjali’s eight part system of yoga. As Sri Pattabhi Jois famously said, yoga is a breathing practice, and without breathing you are just bending. This unique course explores pranayama as an aspect of Hatha yoga and techniques to harness its purifying, healing and balancing capabilities. The class will include the theory and practice of a variety of Pranayama techniques in conjunction with Hatha yoga postures that work on both the gross and subtle levels of the body, purifying and balancing the physical and energetic bodies.

The class presents revised and practical pranayamas that are more applicable to the modern yogi without compromising the integrity of these ancient traditions. Students discover and learn to work with their prana (or life force energy) via the breath using safe and effective methods. By learning about their individual breath, including ratios and capacities, students work deeply to fortify the body and bring peace to the mind.

Suitable for all levels of practice.

Week 4 -- August 22, 2017
Alignment and Awareness: Injury Prevention and Healing

At some point in one’s life most people have suffered a form of physical injury, yoga related or not. In this class participants will practice yoga techniques and theory that will help in both injury prevention and recovery. Through learning to cultivate awareness and alignment we can prevent the occurrence of injury. And by cultivating our capacity to both relax and strengthen vulnerable points of the body we can sustainably heal injuries and imbalances. In this class participants will work with their breath and bodies to explore their limitations and find ways to overcome obstacles using yogic techniques.

Suitable for all levels of practice.

Week 5 -- August 29
Sense Withdrawal, Meditation and Movement

Sense withdrawal, or “pratyahara” in sanskrit, and meditation, “dhyana”, are the fifth and seventh aspects of the sage Patanjali’s ancient eight part system of yoga. In this class we will use gentle movement and posture to turn our attention inwards and explore the more subtle aspects of the yoga practice. Participants will be taught theory and techniques for yoga meditation that will allow them to cultivate more focus, awareness and relaxation in their everyday lives.

Class suitable for all levels of practice.

For more information, contact Alena.

Note: Series classes and workshops/special events are not included in the normal class fee structure and cannot be paid for with the Hart Yoga 10-class card.

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